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Are you curious as to where you are likely to fit in perfectly in terms of career choices? Are you looking to find out where your qualifications fit in? You can find out by going through the professional personality test below. It will help you understand where you are likely to fit in. There are also some psychological methods that can be used to ascertain your personality such as RIASEC.

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Holland Codes (RIASEC): Choose the Right Career for You

John L. Holland, an American psychologist and a professor at John Hopkins University, firmly believes that the personalities of every person correspond to the types of careers or occupations they prefer. His remarkable idea had led him to develop a unique aptitude test to help people on how to choose a career. This aptitude test was called Holland Occupational Themes or simply Holland Codes (RIASEC).



RIASEC is an abbreviation that stands for realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising and conventional. RIASEC is also called John Holland's Six Types of Personality. The career keys were being organized and classified in terms of college majors, careers, career clusters and career pathways. This ingenious career matching system allows you to determine the careers and college courses that are most likely suitable to your abilities, interest, skills and traits.


This aptitude test is fairly easy and it has no time limits. Aside from that, there are no wrong answers as well. All you have to do is to read the instruction carefully and provide an honest answer. The General Rule: The test have sample tasks that you will need to rate base on how much do you like to do them. If you dislike the task, simply choose (1). If you slightly dislike the task, then you choose (2). If you neither dislike nor like the task, you choose (3). If you slightly enjoy the task, you choose (4). The highest is (5) if you really enjoy doing the task.


Read each item carefully. Add the number of filled circles in every column. The tasks are divided into two so there are two different columns. Add the results of the two columns. The result that you will get by adding the results from the two columns will be called as the grand total. Using the result from your grand total, you will transfer the scores for each letter into the appropriate column. After that, take the three letters with the highest scores. Those three letters will eventually become your code.


The Holland aptitude test comes with a list of jobs and careers that correspond to the code of a person. If you are a realistic type of person, it generally implies that you do best in mechanical and athletic jobs. With an investigative type of personality, it typically means that you like to observe, learn, analyze and solve a problem. Being an artistic type usually means that you would like to work in unstructured situations in which you can express your creativity. If you belong to the social type of personality, that means that you prefer working with your fellows rather than with things. Those people under enterprising personality enjoy working and persuading others. The last but not the list is the conventional type of personality. If you belong to this type, then you are person who is detail-oriented, organized and like to work with data.


The fact that Holland codes do not require an exact answer doesn't necessarily mean that this career aptitude test is unreliable. Although it was anchored with a theory and not with facts, this test has undergone content validity procedures to determine whether the number of tasks and the tasks themselves are appropriate. Keep in mind that the result of this is only to guide you on how to choose a career path where you can stir up your aptitude and hone your skills and ability.

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